How to reset Phantom and Dialog?

Sometime it might be required to reset your system Phantom and Dialog. For making your reset on the more efficient way please follow the below instructions:

  1. Check if your Dialog is connected to your Internet router (via an ethernet cable)
  2. Check if the device you will use for Spark is on the correct Wifi network
  3. Unplug your Dialog and Phantom from the electric outlet
  4. Wait 30 secondes
  5. Plug back your Dialog (first) and your Phantom(s)
  6. Wait 30 secondes
  7. Press 3 times quickly the bouton on the back of your Dialog (3 short press, the light of your Dialog will react for informing that the reset is starting)
  8. Wait until your Dialog light stops blinking (it means end of the reset for your Dialog)
  9. Press 3 times the back button of your Phantom (3 short press)
  10. Wait about a minute until you hear the start sound of your Phantom(s) (if Phantom is not editing any sounds during 5 seconds, then please redo the steps  3, 4, 5, 6, 9 and 10 without touching your Dialog)
  11. Launch Spark and follow instructions for making the setup

Note: If during the step 11, Spark is asking you to plug your Dialog, it means that your Dialog is not correctly connected to your router, or the device you are using with Spark is not connected to the right Wifi network.

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