What are the differences between Phantom I 103 dB and Phantom I 108 dB ?


What are the differences between Phantom I 103 dB and Phantom I 108 dB ?

The differences are based on two separate aspects:

  • The Design of the product and its color.

Your choice should be driven by this aspect, as Phantom is going to enhance your home and it's preferable to think forward on the rest of your furniture where its going to sit.


Dimension of all version of Phantom are the same:

Width: 253 mm | Height: 255 mm | Depth : 343 mm

Weight: 11,4 kg

  • Its Sound Quality

From this aspect, no worries all models are going to play the tracks you know by heart so differently, that it's going to be a thrilling experience! The sound quality is the same from all models and you will have same possibility to use between all models (Airplay, Bluetooth or Wifi).

Only the Phantom I 108 db and the Phantom I 108 db Opéra de Parishave a (Grade 1) Titanium tweeter driver

from a specificity perspective, there are major differences between models.


Both products are delivered with a Phantom Remote


1. Phantom I 103 dB

(AKA White Phantom, Classic Phantom or The New Phantom)

103 dB SPL

Bandwith: 16Hz to 25kHz (@-6dB) 

500 Watts RMS




2. Phantom I 108 dB Gold | Dark Chrome and Opéra de Paris

108 dB SPL

Bandwidth : 14Hz to 27kHz (@-6dB)

1100 Watts RMS.




More details are available here


Additionally all Phantom have a two years warranty, a part if you extend it with a Devialet Care


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