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Phantom Premier and Reactor: Warranty

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  1. 1. Standard warranty
  2. 2. Devialet Care extension

Standard warranty

Your Phantom Premier or Phantom Reactor is guaranteed for 2 years (24 months). This warranty is available regardless of the sales channel on which you purchased your Phantom (Web, Retail or Reseller). However there are some limits from a logistics aspect where we can't exchange your product easily, please consult the terms and conditions to get an overview of it here.



Devialet Care extension

Devialet Care is an insurance to cover any damage on your Phantom. You will have the manufacturing warranty for 1 extra year + a breaking insurance for a total of 3 years. You can purchase this service through all existing channel such as our Dealer, our store and web store.

NB: One condition to activate your Devialet is to run the registration of your Product before the end of the 15th day after your Phantom's purchase.


  • How to activate Devialet Care
  1. Go to the following web page:

  2. Log into the page with your credential if the site is asking for it

  3. Select on the left Panel "Devialet Care". You will then access the Devialet Care activation page (cf. screenshot below)

  4. Put in there the purchase date of your Phantom within the "PURCHASED DATE OF THE PHANTOM" fields

  5. Put in there the Devialet care code avialable on the Devialet Care Card (composed by 4 groups of 4 caracteres seperated by hyphens) into the "NO DEVIALET CARE" field

    • hyphen should be typed in the Devialet Care code

  6. Put in there your Phantom's Serial number in the "SERIAL NUMBER OF THE PHANTOM"

  7. Click on "Add a Devialet Care" button

A confirmation email will be sent to you just after you sucessfully activate your Devialet Care. If you sucessfully register your product and insurance, the button "I activate" will change to "Sucess" and will become green. If you did not sucessfully register your insurance, the wrong information will be highlighted in red.

NB: if you need any help, please contact our customer service team 

NB: if you need to check the status of your Devialet Care, please go to your account page within our Devialet Web Store at the following adress


  • How to use Devialet Care

In case of accidental damage which require a product exchange, please reach out to our customer service team. Devialet Care Conditions and details are available here

In your contact request please add your Phantom serial number and the Devialet Care number.

Our customer care team will proceed to a product exchange and will transfer your new Phantom serial number on the same Devialet Care.


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