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How to install Spark?

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For piloting your Phantom system, the best option is to use our application Spark. 

Spark is available for this below mobile/tablet plateform:

  • Android 4.4 (minimum)
  • IOS 7 (minimum)

Spark for Desktop is available for this below plateform:

  • Windows 7 (minimum)
  • MacOS 10.9 (minimum)

All prior desktop/mobile and tablet OS are not supported, it means that you might get it working if not we won't be able to solve your issue a part suggesting you to change your source device to the plateform minimum mentionned above. 

You can find the last Spark release here

During the setup you will be informed on the steps to follow for the installation of our applications as well as for the configuration of your system. 


Note: on Windows, we strongly suggest to disable your anti-virus while making the setup, additionally please make sure that your firewall allows Spark in the Windows parameter. otherwise it might generate strange behavior (unable to play local track for example).


Note: if you are not notified when new software version is available on your device, please make sure that each time your firmware on Phantom is updated, you update Spark too. New features are linked between firmware and Spark, if both are not up to date, you won't get access to the new feature or the fix included in the new release. 


For some tips on how to use Spark, please consult the following article here



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