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Why do I need to get a Dialog in my Phantom setup?

Devialet recommend to have a Dialog in your Phantom's setup, even for a Solo setup (1 Phantom). For a multiple Phantom setup, Dialog is requiered.


Your domestical wifi is constantly urge by services (TV, streaming, online games, internet brownsing, etc...) and use by devices (Tablet, Laptop, Phone etc...). The quality of your bandwidth is therefore reduced because of this.


However the Phantom's system requiered a strong and robust wifi. That's a reasons why we recommend our customer to have Dialog within their system, which will stabilized their network and will offer the requiered network to the system.

Dialog is also offering the possibility to our customer to stream in Spark with plateform such as Deezer, Qobuz or Tidal and access any musical content in High resolution. 


For some more information on the Dialog, please have a look at the below page:


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