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What is SAM®?

The exclusive SAM® technology invented by Devialet allows your Devialet Expert system to precisely adapt the signal to the characteristics of your speaker model. SAM® processes in real-time the musical signal, ensuring that the sound pressure reproduced by the speakers matches exactly the one recorded by the microphone. It is working through the very powerful DSP implemented in each Devialet.


SAM® provides two main benefits:


- First, SAM® allows the speakers to reproduce lower frequencies and prevents any delay between the bass and the rest of the spectrum, avoiding the effect of the phase rotation at the vicinity of the natural low-frequency cut-off of the loudspeaker. This restitution in the low frequencies allows us a wider soundstage, a more precise restitution while keeping the speakers’ personality.

- Secondly, SAM® provides a great protection to your loudspeakers. Indeed, the maximum excursion of the speaker driver, and maximum continuous power handling of each speaker are set with SAM®. The speakers will not be able to go over this physical limit. As a result, SAM helps to prevent any damage that could occur when listening at high levels.

The Devialet systems are the only ones able to perform this control and to help you to rediscover your speakers.

To sum up: SAM® allows your Devialet Expert to precisely adapt the signal to the characteristics of your speaker model while protecting them, for an audiophile listening with a unique sharpness.

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