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[Expert Pro/Expert] How to update the internal software of your Devialet?

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Devialet amplifiers are built to last. Thanks to the EVO® platform, the only audio platform fully driven by an internal software, it allows your Devialet to evolve and get better through significant software upgrades. 

IMPORTANT : Because all the updates are free of charge, you need to create a user account and register your product online first. Click here to learn more: how to create my user account and register my Devialet ?


Here is how to update the Firmware (internal software) of your Devialet Expert/Expert Pro:

  1. First of all, you can verify if your Devialet needs to be updated. To check the firmware version:

    • Do a long press (2 seconds) on the Devialet remote Tone button. The Information Menu will be displayed on the Devialet screen. 

    • Do a short press on Tone button. The software information will be displayed. The "IHM" will be the version (i.e: 7.1.1) 

  2. To update with the latest firmware version:

    • Visit Devialet website at

    • Click on « Login »  on the top right menu

    • Enter your e-mail and password and click on  « Sign in »

  3. Once logged to your account select Expert Configuration to access the latest version of the Devialet firmware :

    • Click on «Download » 


A archive folder (.zip) including all the firmware files will start downloading.

  • Unzip the folder.

  • Remove the SD-Card from the Devialet. Make sure the SD-Card is not in « locked » position.

  • Insert the SD-Card in your computer and empty it from any file.

  • Copy / paste or drag and drop all the files you have just unzipped to the root menu of the SD-Card.

    IMPORTANT:numbers of files is depending on the firmware version.

  • Eject the SD-Card from your computer.

  • Insert the SD-Card in your Devialet=;

  • Unplug / Plug the power supply or do a long press (5 seconds) on the front button to reset the Devialet.

The upgrade should start automatically without pressing any key. When the upgrading process is complete, the display will indicate "Upgrade successful, press front button »

Your Devialet will be operable with the latest firmware and ready to play music.


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