How to update my Expert or Expert pro firmware?


How to update my Expert or Expert pro firmware?

Devialet amplifiers are built to last. The EVO® platform, the only audio platform that is fully driven by internal software, allows your Devialet to evolve and get better through significant software upgrades. 

IMPORTANT: Because all the updates are free of charge, you need to create a user account and register your product online first. Click here to learn more: how to create my user account and register my Devialet?





Questions & Answers

If this is the case, please have a look at the below checklist to ensure everything is rightly set to run the firmware update on your Expert:If for any reason, the upgrade process doesn’t automatically start, please make sure you have followed the upgrade instructions detailed above

  • Has the SD card been properly inserted?

    The SD-Card has to be inserted with its contacts facing up in its slot located at the rear of D-Premier and contacts facing down for 120, 200, 250, 400, and 800. Make sure it is inserted all the way until it locks.

  • Are you using an appropriate SD card?

    If you run a 5.4 or previous firmware version, make sure you use a regular 2GB SD card and not an SD-HC card. In some rare cases, you will have to try with another SD-Card as a specific card's reading speed can occasionally prevent the D-Premier from properly reading its content. If you run a 5.5 or higher firmware version, regular 4GB and SD-HC cards will work.

  • Is it formatted the right way?

    Make sure the SD card is formatted in FAT or FAT16—we advise you to reformat it on the same computer you use to generate the files on.  

  • Have you properly copied the upgrade files to it?

    Ensure the files have been copied to the root directory and not a sub-directory of the SD card and that they have not been renamed or their extension changed. They should be directly saved from the website or extracted from the downloaded ZIP file to the SD-Card. For example, opening them first on a Mac and then copying them on a PC connected to the SD card can cause problems.

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 18.14.43.png

Note: Once the upgrade has successfully been performed, please remove the files from the SD-Card.

  • I have a Dual mono Expert (composed of two devices) - any specific instructions to know? 

    In a Dual Mono device, it's important to make the firmware update on both devices. One single SD card is enough to run the update on both devices, but you will need to update one device at a time in this type of configuration.

    Note: if you want to use the same SD card between both devices, please ensure that you secure the writing of your SD Card because, during the update process, we remove the boot file in the SD card (to avoid your Expert to re-run the same update on each reboot, if you are not removing firmware files from the SD card). Therefore, when you try to run the update into the second device, it won't start automatically.

    To lock writing on your SD Card, you will have to slide down the lock switch on the left part of the SD card.


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