How to stream from a NAS?


How to stream from a NAS?

For now, there are several solutions that will allow you to play music from a NAS or an Audio Server:

  • Using a computer as a player to access the music stored on your NAS

    In this case you can make use our streaming application AIR. This is by far the best way to stream music to the Devialet in bit-perfect. This means that the core-audio of the computer is by-passed and that the data are sent as they are to the Devialet i.e. a 24/192 files is transmited as-is without any up-or-downsampling nor any processing from the computer.

  • Connect your Devialet using a USB 2.0 output

    Many NAS or Audio Server are equiped with a USB output. Just connect to the USB input on the Devialet and play your music just as with a UPnP protocol. This solution allows you to listen to what's on the NAS without a computer using any dedicated app on an iPad or Smartphone.

  • Using a renderer 

    A renderer is a device compatible with UPnP and equiped with digital and/or analog output. You can connect any renderer to the Devialet. Of course, we recommend using a digital link to avoid unnecessary conversions. The renderer will take the UPnP signal and send it to the Devialet. There are many brands offering renderers at any possible price. Note that a Blu Ray player such as an Oppo can act as a renderer as well.


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