How to activate the Devialet AIR® application on your computer

To start with, make sure your Devialet is running the latest firmware version. You can control which version is implemented in your unit by looking at the first screen in the Information Menu. To access and exit this menu, do a long press (>2s) on the Phase Invert key on a D-Premier or the Tone key on a Devialet 250, 200 & 120. Navigate with short presses. Refer to the update part on our website to know the latest officially released version.

Configure the AIR® input on your Devialet using the Online Configuration Tool

Download the latest Devialet AIR® software from our website corresponding to your computer make (i.e. Windows based or Mac based).

Once the software has been installed, open it. Make sure your computer is on the same WiFi network with your Devialet. Switch your Devialet ON and select the AIR® input. 

Select your Devialet in the Devialet AIR® application.

Open your Music Library Management application (iTunes, WinAmp etc...) and start streaming.

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