How to connect a computer to a Devialet

You can feed music to your Devialet directly from your computer: 

  • Wirelessly with Devialet AIR application 
  • Through any of its available digital outputs. Note that most Mac laptop computers have an optical output located in the headphone connector.
  • The Devialet 120, 200 and 250 can be fed directly through a USB-to-USB or Ethernet-to-Ethernet connection. Note that we recommend to use a genuine USB 2.0 high speed 480MBps USB cable not longer than 2m (6.5'). The Ethernet cable length is not critical and can be as high as 100m (330').
  • If you own a D-Premier, you can use an external interface, with USB, Firewire or Ethernet connection on the computer side to S/PDIF or AES-EBU output on the other side. There are many excellent interfaces available on the market.


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