How to play High-Resolution music on a Devialet Expert?


How to play High-Resolution music on a Devialet Expert?

Devialet products offer full High Resolution playback (24bits/192kHz) capabilities on all digital inputs but the optical ones (which will stream in 24bits/96kHz).

Devialet AIR input is the best way to wirelessly play High Resolution files stored on a computer. There are also possible alternatives such as Roon.

Expert Pro natively supports the UPnP protocol, which will allow you to play High Resolution files wirelessly. You will need to find the right 3rd party application for using this protocol.

Recommendations for wired solution:

  • The AES /EBU input whenever possible is ideal, as it is the most insensitive to long cables or electro-magnetic disturbances. It is important to use a genuine 110Ω digital cable.
  • The RCA inputs are of similar quality but they tend to  be more sensitive to the source's output level. We recommend using a genuine 75Ω coaxial digital cable in this case.


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