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How to play High-Resolution music on a Devialet

Devialet products offer full High Resolution playback (24bits/192kHz) capabilities on all digital inputs but the optical ones (which will stream in 24bits/96kHz).

The AIR input is the best way to wirelessly play High Resolution files stored on a computer. 

The files are transmitted in an asynchronous way to the amplifier and from where they are played using the Devialet's high precision internal master-clock. This guarantees an absolute bit-perfect, jitter-free playback.  

For a wired connection, we recommend

  • The AES /EBU input whenever possible, as it is the most insensitive to long connecting cables or electro-magnetic disturbances. It is important to use a genuine 110Ω digital cable. 
  • The RCA inputs are similarly qualitative but can be more sensitive to the source's output level. We recommend using a genuine 75Ω coaxial digital cable.


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