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How to play music through Smartphones or Tablets

This functionality, is already available for iOS and Android devices.

First, make sure your Devialet is connected to your WiFi network and that the connection is strong enough to stream music from your smart phone or tablet. For more information about the network, please read: How to set-up an optimized network to stream

Then, please go to the app market of your smartphone, download the Devialet app and run it on your smartphone or tablet.

If your smartphone or tablet is connected to the same WiFi network than your Devialet, the app will be automatically linked to the Devialet. From the source selection (clic on source), choose My Music and navigate through your local library. Select the song(s) you want to stream or create a local playlist. Once you are done with the song selection, press the done button. The music will automatically start to play.


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