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How to use the D-Premier & Devialet Expert 250 remote control?

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Amplifier & remote control pairing

Out of the box, the remote control is already paired to your Devialet. Should the link be lost, simply place the remote next to the display of the unit, or even on the Devialet itself, and press any key or turn the volume control knob. The pairing will automatically re-establish.


The remote control is equipped with a large volume-control knob. It is a "free wheel" - i.e. without an absolute position - that adjusts the volume up or down from its current position. Additionally, there are four buttons:

  • The power button (the isolated key at the top) switches the amplifier On and Off.

  • The source selection button toggles between the available inputs (short press) or indicates the sampling frequency of the incoming signal (long press) for approximately 5s. Note that, in standard operation, doing a short press on the On/Off button located at the front of the amplifier will also toggle through the different sources.

  • The bass button enables/disables a 20Hz subsonic filter (when using the Phono input, it will toggle between the 1976 and 1953 RIAA correction curves). If your Devialet is equipped with firmware version 5.6 or above, a long press (2s) on this key gives access to the Tone and Balance adjustments. You can navigate through the different adjustments with short presses on the "Bass" key. To exit this menu, do another long press on the key. For further details, please refer to the section How to adjust Tone & Balance.

  • The phase invert button inverts the phase on the speaker’s output (short press) to compensate for non-standard mastering (the 0° or 180° phase shift is indicated on the display + or -), or opens the advanced information menu (long press) - For further details, please refer to the section How to read the Information Menu.

Note that those two last buttons can be configured to a different function such as mute, PreOut or SubOut enabling, etc…through the online Configuration-tool - see section below.

Replacing the batteries

The remote control operates with two AAA batteries LR03 1,5V (provided with the product); life span is about 2 years. The battery compartment is located at the back of the remote. To access the batteries, unscrew the back panel using the hex key provided. Insert the new batteries and screw the back panel back in place. You might need to once again pair the remote with your Devialet (see previous section).


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