How to connect a subwoofer on Expert or Expert pro?


How to connect a subwoofer on Expert or Expert pro?

Devialet amplifiers offer several possibilities to feed an active subwoofer depending on the type of equipment you own:

  • Analog Mono signal through the dedicated SUB output
  • Analog Stereo signal when using the PreOut, for one or two subwoofers

In both cases, the output signal can be either full range or filtered using Devialet Digital Signal Processing capabilities. You can configure the desired output and filters through the online configuration tool. Please remember to affect one of the remote control's buttons to activate the corresponding output. You can use the amplifier's digital-output to feed a subwoofer equipped with an integrated DAC.

Last but not least, please note that you can drive passive subwoofers using a multi-amplifer set-up. For one subwoofer, you can use a dedicated unit in mono-block mode (up-to-500W). For two subwoofers, you can use a dedicated D-Premier or Devialet 250 in stereo mode (up-to 2x250W), or even amplifiers configured as mono-blocks (up-to 2x800W). For such set-ups, please submit your configuration details and filtering requirements and we will create a matching configuration file for you.


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