How to connect headphones to an Expert?


How to connect headphones to an Expert?

If your Devialet product is equipped with it, you may use the “Pre-Out” output to connect headphones either directly - via a hybrid RCA-to-Headphone jack cable - or through an external headphone amplifier (for high impedance  headphones for example).

Remember that you need to activate this output using the online CONFIGURATION TOOL, assign a remote control key to turn the Pre-Out "On" or "Off", and define the correct output level depending on the type of headphones you use.

If you connect the headphones straight to the Expert system, leave the volume control on "Variable". If you plan to use an external headphone-amplifier, then opt for the "Fixed" volume control.

It is also possible to connect headphones if you have a multi-amplifier configuration. In this case, you need to daisy chain the amplifiers using the DOUT on the master and the AES/EBU input on the slave system in order to free the Pre-Out connectors on the slave system for the headphones.


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