How to integrate a Devialet Expert in a Home Cinema set-up?


How to integrate a Devialet Expert in a Home Cinema set-up?

All Devialet models can be easily integrated in a Home Cinema set-up, in order to handle the left and right channels of a surround installation. This allows you to enjoy the sound of your Devialet in both your stereo and multichannel configurations.

The simpler solution to create a full surround system is to connect your Home Cinema source (e.g. Blu-ray player) into an A/V receiver, which role will be to decode the multichannel signals (Dolby, DTS, etc.), to send the left and right signals to the Devialet and to handle the other channels (and possibly a subwoofer) on its own. 

In practice, simply operate as following:

  • Connect your Home Cinema source into an A/V receiver (HDMI or S/PDIF connexion)
  • Connect the front left and front right preamplified outputs of the A/V receiver (usually indicated as PRE-OUT FL and FR) into an analog input on your Devialet (RCA stereo connexion)
  • Connect the rear left, centre and rear right amplified outputs of the A/V receiver (usually indicated as RL, C and RR with speaker binding posts) into your surround speakers
  • Connect the preamplified subwoofer output (usually indicated as PRE-OUT SUB) into your active subwoofer, if you are using one (RCA mono connexion)


Once the connexions are made, select the corresponding analog input on your Devialet (e.g. 'Line 1'), make sure the A/V receiver is also on the right input (Blu-ray player), and your system is now ready to play surround sound.

Finally, you may also want to bypass the internal volume control of the Devialet when using the Home Cinema input, in order to have only one volume control for the whole system. This can be done through the online configuration tool, by clicking on the grey arrow 'Settings' on your analog input, and by ticking the 'Pass thru' mode 

line1.png pass_through.png

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This can be defined in the online configuration tool.


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