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How to access the Information Menu

An advanced information-menu is available to service your Devialet. It contains detailed data about your product:

  • Screens 1-5: Serial numbers, firmware, software and hardware versions
  • Screens 6-7: Wi-Fi status and related information
  • Screens 8-10: Device configuration
  • Screen 11: Temperatures in the set
  • Screen 12: Last fault found

The Last Fault found screen is important to report, should your device stop during operation (i.e. enters protection mode) or show unusual behaviour. Note that this information is stored for 3 days in memory, unless Devialet is reset by disconnecting it from the mains.

To access and exit this menu, make a long press (>2s) on the Phase Invert (D-Premier, Devialet 250) or the Tone key (Devialet 200, 120) of the remote control. You can navigate through the various screens by doing a short press on the same key. You can also exit this menu by making a short press on the remote control’s On/Off button.

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