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How to read the screen and light indications

When switched on, the display shows the name of the selected source and the current volume level.


When a digital source is selected, if the name is written in orange on the display it means that no signal is available on this particular input. As soon as a valid signal is received by the Devialet, the source name turns to black. On the Wi-Fi input, the “AIR” name can appear in grey which indicates it is ready to play but is not receiving any music.


In the example above, the selected source is Optical 2. The name is written in orange, which means this input is not receiving any valid signal. The volume level is adjusted on -41dB.


The level can be adjusted from -97.5dB to +30dB. 0dB is a relative maximum output level. This means the amplifier will deliver the maximum output level while playing the loudest part of a recording (i.e. for an input-signal being at 0dB full scale). Of course, many recordings never reach this maximum input level. Thus the effective maximum volume of the amplifier can be higher than 0dB, especially with classical music.

The dB symbol turns orange when the internal soft compressor/limiter stage kicks-in.


The small orange light placed under the front of the Devialet appears when the amplifier is on. It turns to red when no valid signal is received from a digital source.

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