How to connect a disc-player to a Devialet product?


How to connect a disc-player to a Devialet product?

We recommend using one of the player's digital outputs to connect directly to your Devialet. If you connect it in the analog domain to the Devialet's line input, the signal will go through multiple conversion-stages. You may like the resulting sound, but it will add distortion in the process.

If your player and your Devialet are equipped with an AES/EBU output, we highly recommend using it to interconnect your devices. The RCA inputs are similarly qualitative but can be more sensitive to the output level of the source. Therefore, we advise you, whenever possible, to use an RCA-to-XLR hybrid cable or an RCA/XLR adapter to connect the player's digital out to the AES/EBU input. In both cases, please use a genuine 110Ω or 75Ω digital cable to link both devices.

If you own a D-Premier, you may want to connect your DVD or BluRay player to the HDMI input. Make sure your Devialet has been upgraded to the firmware version 5.7.x or higher (to check your firmware version, refer to How to read the Information Menu).


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