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How to install your Phantom system with Dialog?

Please carefully unbox your Phantom(s), in the position showed in the picture below (PHANTOM in front)

Download the Spark application from the following link: www.devialet.com/Spark

Follow the following instructions:

  1. Plug your Dialog to the mains near your router/box
  2. Connect your Dialog with your router/box, using the Ethernet cable in the box of your Dialog.
  3. Plug your Phantom(s) to the mains in the same room of your Dialog. When you finish all the configuration here, you can place it(them) to the place you'd like.
  4. Please wait until your Phantom(s) plays a continuous background sound.Then your Phantom(s) will make a special sound to confirm it's paired to your Dialog.
  5. Verify the device on which you installed Spark is connected to your domestic network by Wi-fi or Ethernet cable. 
  6. Launch Spark and click "Start".

Installation :

  • Accept the General Condition of Usage.
  • Once Dialog detected all you Phantoms, click « Yes »
  • Let Spark guide you through the process
  • Now play some music from your device or from online music streaming services. 
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