Get to know Devialet Gemini II


Get to know Devialet Gemini II

On September 13th  2023, Devialet announced the launch of the product Devialet Gemini II, the second generation of our true wireless earbuds. Devialet Gemini II will be available in 3 differents versions.



Matte Black

Iconic White

Opéra de Paris


  1. 1. What is inside Devialet Gemini II?
  2. 2. Devialet Gemini II product specificity
  3. 3. What are the main differences with other true wireless earbuds
  4. 4. Earbuds Placement
  5. 5. How to pair Devialet Gemini II?
  6. 6. How to reset Devialet Gemini II?
  7. 7. What is the mulitpoint ?
  8. FAQ

1.What is inside Devialet Gemini II?


 Inside the Devialet Gemini II box you will find :

  • a charging case
  • two earbuds 
  • 1 USB-C cable to power up the charging case
  • the product documentation
  •  a set of eartips with 4 sizes
    • (XS/S/M/L) with M size mounted on the earbuds
  • a pouch (only for Devialet Gemini II Opéra de Paris)


Devialet Gemini II Matte Black and Iconic White have a polymer body and metallic coating.

Devialet Gemini II Opéra de Paris has a 22-Carat PVD Gold plating.




2.Devialet Gemini II product specifications



Devialet proprietary technology
Dual microphone Noise Reduction system
Up to 40dB of Noise Cancellation
10 MM NEODYMIUM DRIVER Custom made 10 mm high-sensitivity driver topped with titanium coating
Automatically reduces wind noise for optimal music listening, voice call quality and everyday comfort.


AMPLIFICATION PERFORMANCE THD+N* < 0.1% (measured for 100 dBSPL @1 kHz)
(*Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise)


MULTIPOINT Up to 2 devices simultaneously
SENSORS External and internal microphones
Bone-conduction voice sensor
Infrared sensor
Capacitive touch
MOBILE APP Devialet Gemini app (iOS & Android)





3. What are the main differences with other true wireless earbuds?

Thanks to our first generation of Devialet Gemini, we learned a lot from our customers about expected features and areas to improve.

The new generation of Devialet Gemini brings a large set of new features and improvements:

  • Product size and new design
    • 40% smaller than the first generation of Devialet Gemini and 35% lighter!
  • 10 mm titanium coated driver
    • to put Devialet sound signature at its best
  • Devialet Adaptive Noise Cancellation
    • New generation of in-ear adaptive ANC
  • Bluetooth 5.2 Multipoint
    • A modern connectivity technology to better support your daily usage!
  • Active Wind Reduction® (AWR)
    • Patented Anti-Wind noise technology for better comfort whatever the environment
  • Customized touch controls
    • up to 6 differents touch controls, fully customizable to fit your moves

More details on this video here


There are 2 complementary patented technology into Devialet Gemini II 

  • Internal Delay Compensation - IDC® - Signal processing algorithm which greatly improves the performance of noise cancellation at higher frequencies.
  • Devialet Adaptive Noise cancellation - Adjust the level of noise reduction according to the user surrounding in real time.




4. Earbuds placement

Devialet Gemini will provide its finest sound quality when it's perfectly sealed and placed to your ears

  • Select what best fits your ears (Right ear and left ear are not necessarily the same size).
  • Place the earbuds as specified in the picture aside.




5. How to pair Devialet Gemini II?

If you need to pair your Devialet Gemini II, please follow the below steps or the video below


  • Open Devialet Gemini II Charging case while keeping the earbuds in the charging case
  • Make 3 seconds long press on the back button of the charging case 
  • The LED will blink to show that Devialet Gemini II visible for the pairing process
  • Open the the device's Bluetooth settings (it could be a mobile, laptop or a tablet)
  • Search for surrounding Bluetooth devices and tap on "Devialet Gemini II"
  • Follow the Bluetooth instruction.



6. How to Reset Devialet Gemini II?

If you need to reset your Devialet Gemini II, please follow the below steps:

  • Open Devialet Gemini II Charging case while keeping the earbuds in the charging case
  • Make 10 short press on the button available on the back side of the charging case
  • The Case's Led will first blink in orange and then either a double Green or double Red blink
    • Red means that the reset is not complete, in this case  remove and place back each earbuds at their place inside the case before redoing the Reset to Factory
    • Green means that the reset is complete

N.B.: After a reset with Devialet Gemini II it's necessary to redo the pairing (therefore forgot all prior connections between Devialet Gemini II and connected devices set before)



7. What is the multipoint ?

Devialet Gemini II is able to be paired to several devices at the same time, and it will switch smartly between the two devices.

For example you can get connected to your mobile and your laptop at the same time. If you are listening to music through your laptop and your mobile ring for a call then Devialet Gemini II will switch automatically to the mobile, and revert back to your laptop once you hang out the call.

For this operation you only need to connect Devialet Gemini II to both devices and Devialet Gemini II will do the switch by itself, without requiring any action on your part.





When I unbox Devialet Gemini II, the first pairing attempt is not successful - is it normal?

Yes it's normal :  after the unboxing, the product needs to be "woken up". To do so you will need to press the charging case button for 3 seconds, your product will then react with a double green blinking. This phase doesn't allow Devialet Gemini II to be visible via Bluetooth, but after the wake up phase, you can follow the pairing instruction, Devialet Gemini II will be then visible on Bluetooth.




Can Devialet Gemini II be used for sport?

Devialet Gemini II is certified IPX4 which means it is resistant to dust and water-splash from any direction. Considering this Devialet Gemini II can be used for sport, the most important being the product adherence to your ears, before starting any sport session.



What are the gestures I can use with Devialet Gemini II?

Devialet Gemini II has 5 different gestures and 3 customizable ones per earbud (Left and/or Right).


Gesture Action (by default) Customizable via the app?
Short press  Play or Pause Yes
Long press (press and hold) Switch between ANC and Transparency modes Yes
Double press on Left earbuds Previous track Yes
Double press on Right earbuds Next track Yes
Double press and hold on Left earbud Decrease volume No
Double press and hold on Right earbud Increase volume No
Double press when a phone call rings Answer the call No
Double press during a phone call Hang-up the call No
Press and Hold when phone call rings  Reject the call No



What is the warranty that comes with Devialet Gemini II?

Devialet Gemini II comes with a  2 years warranty. This warranty doesn't cover the lost or the theft of one or more components (Earbuds or Casing), in this situation our Devialet Customer Care can sell you spare parts to recompose your product. No warranty extension is currently available for Devialet Gemini II.




Is it possible to try Devialet Gemini II in a store?

We are trying as much as possible to deploy the product into our reseller's shop and store, we recommend to look at the store locator here to identify a shop where the product might be available.




Upgrading from Devialet Gemini I to Devialet Gemini II

If you already own Devialet Gemini, you are entitled to a 20% loyalty reward code on a Gemini II purchase. 


To benefit from this offer, please follow the instructions below : 


  • Register into your account or create an account on 
  • In the section “My Products”, add the Gemini by entering the serial number and the purchase date
  • Your current Gemini will now appear on the screen with a button to create your loyalty reward code
  • Click on “Activate my Upgrade” to generate your code.
  • The loyalty reward code is now available.
  • To use it, add Gemini II to your cart, click “Proceed to Checkout”  and paste the code in the “Exclusive Code” section.


Note : Each loyalty reward code can only be used once and is applicable for a period of three months from the moment it is activated. Gemini codes can only be used to purchase Gemini II.

You can use your loyalty code on the Devialet website and with Devialet retail stores.




What kind of eartips do you recommend for Gemini II ?


We recommend trying out the Complyfoam TW-200-A. These foam eartips have been tested by our team and will provide you with a great quality of sound. You can buy them directly on the Complyfoam website if you wish to give them a go !



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