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Core Infinity Log — November 15th

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Testing, testing...

Our latest DOS-2.2.0-alpha 3 + Firmware 11.5.7 release is being tested, here is where we stand. 

Main features supported in DOS-2.2.0-alpha 3 + Firmware 11.5.7

Air | Airplay | Spotify Connect | Roon+Expert Pro | UPNP Renderer

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1. Spotify Connect

Spotify Connect lets you listen to your music on your Expert Pro connected to the internet by using the Spotify app as a remote control (track selection, play/pause, volume control etc...).

For more information, please visit

Please note that a Spotify Premium account is required to use Spotify Connect.



2/ AirPlay®

The Apple AirPlay® technology lets you wirelessly stream music and video content from an iOS device (iPhone, iPod touch or iPad), a Mac, a PC with iTunes or any other compatible app, straight to your Expert Pro system connected to the same network.



The Roon integration of our AIR protocol. We are finalizing with Roon a fully-compatible and improved release.

Roon Advanced Audio Transport is already on our roadmap, we are looking into how we can speed it up.  There are some other groundwork developments already underway, and we will have a better vision in the coming months. We heard you loud and clear and will, of course, keep you updated.


4. UPnP Renderer

Current tests on UPnP show successful support across main NAS providers apps such as Qnap or Synology as well as software supporting UPnP such as Audirvana. 

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Updates on known bugs 

  1. Apple WAC setup can be only done once and cannot be modified.
  2. When using a streaming source like AirPlay or Spotify Connect, the volume is capped at -12dB for the safety of your devices and ears. Using your physical Remote volume can go above -12dB but we have encountered issues where the volume automatically reverts back to -12dB.
  3. Volume control on Spotify Connect is in +/- 8dB increments for now. 
  4. When playing music with Spotify Connect and manually switching to AirPlay on your Expert Pro, or vice versa, the newly selected source might not play any music.
  5. We have been experiencing some sporadic audio drops while playing 192kHz HD files. We optimized our audio pipeline code and are validating these changes. 
  6. Minor display issues on Dual-Mono configurations but now fully supported.

We are working on fixing all issues and will continue doing QA. Check back here for more in the next few days.


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Was this article helpful?

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  • 0
    D Payne

    Thank you very much for this very comprehensive update on the current state of play with the latest DOS and Firmware. This is just the sort of feedback that is very helpful in keeping your loyal customers in the picture. I know that I have been critical of Devialet in the past - especially its lack of meaningful communication - so I hope that this sort of update becomes more the norm than the exception! Thank you.

    I note with pleasure your comments about ROON/AIR Integration and, more especially, about Roon Advanced Audio Transport (RAAT) and wish you well in bringing it forward as swiftly as possible!

    Thanks again for this timely update.



  • 0
    Michael Connelly

    Excellent!   Thank you for the clear and open communication and status of testing and functionality.   Greatly appreciated!

  • 0

    Well done.

  • 0
    Markus Hübner

    It's good to see you heard the voice of the community and are trying to integrate the crucial features into a stable user experience! Would be great to see room correction also on the roadmap - but in the meantime the new Remote App is definitely more important. 

  • 0
    fense guo

    roon+air, waiting

  • 0
    J Eric Mackenbach

    Thank you for the informative update.

  • 0

    Thanks for the update and thanks for keeping your fans involved, sharing both progress and list of defects helps build trust and engagement with your user-base. 

  • 0

    I appreciate the continuing communication. I'm especially happy about the mention of Roon RAAT.


  • 0
    ed berney

    Many thanks for the detailed status update. Please keep them coming.

    I too am pleased to see you proceeding with RAAT support.


  • -1

    How about MQA Support?  I'm interested in DSD256 and MQA

    Of cource I know ADH operates in PCM192kHz, 24bit.

  • 0
    Nick Hawley

    Thanks for the update and great news about Room RAAT. I look forward to following its progress over the coming weeks/ months.

  • 1

    Great news about RAAT.  What we need is a better way to configure the amps i.e. via a browser, direct to the amp via ethernet/wireless. How about room correction? Now that would be something!

    The remote app also needs updating.

  • 0
    Markus Apfelbeck

    Even though I was a little bit struggeling to be a bleeding (leading) edge alpha tester, I dared to send my amps for the upgrade.

    Where can one download the latest version once the amp is returned?

    I am probably the only one who does not care about roon at all, however I would love to see a solid (buffering) UPNP implementation. Is this done via MPD?

    A Qobuz integration for HighRes streaming is extremely "high" on my wanted list! As the Qobuz API is very easy to interface with (a buffer before play is highly recommended here), this should be much easier than Spotify.

    Edited by Markus Apfelbeck
  • 0
    Jan Kuneman

    Good to see the developments in the Roon support,

    ROON is a must .

  • 0
    Dirk Lan

    Thank you for these promising news and the open and transparent communication.


  • 0
    Marcusk Kdf

    Great communication! 

    YAY for RAAT.

    What about room correction? Please.




  • 0
    Ray Beck

    Bit of topic but why DSD 128??... the DAC is capable of the 176 sample rate. Seems "limited" at DSD64.. regarding the "new" board... reminds me of Apple, playing catch ups with the rest of the industry only to implement tech thats already dated.. lets face it MP3 is 1990.. why bother, MQA, HD  and DSD is 2017.

    My comments may appear negative but seriously Devialet is "selling" State Of The Art so why is ROON and Qubuz not priority? just going by the ongoing shamozal I would not fork out several thousand to upgrade. There has been little or no mention of technologies that will prove the sound quality.  

    The people have spoken Devialet, deliver or step aside. 

  • 0

    Ray Beck, you are not all the people. Expert is probably unique in being a high-end audio lifestyle product. I await Qobuz, my main listening source, but if I have to wait a few months it makes no difference as I have a streamer or can send using Air. It is not all about the latest HD format, there seems to be a new one every week. I have a lot of HD files, but no interest in DSD, MQA or Roon.

    As a lifestyle product, in my house my kids will stream from their phones using Spotify mp3 and my wife and I can listen to the BBC from our iPlayer apps using Airplay at 128kbs or 256kbs. We also use it for movies by DVD and satellite TV. The best thing I got my 17 year old was Chromecast TV as he had his friends can cast youtube videos to the TV rather than crowd around a phone. Different needs should be catered for, not just the Roon community (although they do seem to be being looked after). 

    I am pleased Devialet have prioritised Spotify and Airplay as they are platforms that a lot of people use a lot of the time. Whatever it does, it should do effortlessly and faultlessly.

    I bought my Devialet as a device that will meet all the family's needs, without compromising on audio quality when I do serious listening. I like the way it seems to be progressing.

    Edited by Stevensegal
  • 0


    Any update on latest progress with the Core Infinity (all gone quiet).

    Thanks, John

    Edited by John
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