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How Can I Use UPNP with my Phantom?

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  1. 1. What is UPnP with my Phantom's system?
  2. 2. How to active it into my Phantom?
  3. 3. What is important to know about UPnP
  4. 4. One last tips on UPnP?

1. What is UPnP in my Phantom's system? 

In our last releases of Spark and Phantom firmware update, we added the UPNP protocol capability into our Phantom's System. 

UPNP stands for Universal Plug and Play - for more details on this protocol please read more info here

Note: there is a variable of UPnP which is name DNLA which stands for Digital Living Network Alliance. Your Phantom system is not able to communicate with this specific protocol.


2. How to activate it into my Phantom? 

In order to use this protocol, you will need to switch it on within your system:

  1. Open Spark

  2. Go into "Option"

  3. Select "Device"

  4. If you are in a DUO or multi-room setup, Click on the Dialog, if you are on a Solo mode (only one Phantom with no Dialog), Click on the device to through options

  5. Toggle on the option "UPNP Renderer Beta"

Note: we named it "beta" as we did not have opportunity to test all type of Nas device with our Phantom.


3. What is important to know about UPnP

A UPnP system is generally composed by this below list of components: 

  • Media Server (which could be a simple external hard drive visible in your home network).
  • Remote access which is an application in charge of piloting the flow between the Media Server and the Renderer
  • A Renderer which in this case will be your Phantom system and will play the tracks you had selected.


4. One last tips on UPnP?

There are on markets a lot of compatible applications with UPnP which will pilot your systeme here are few example:

  • Bubble UPnP (Android)
  • Hifi-Cast (Android)
  • Windows Media Player (natively avaialble on Windows)
  • 8Player (IOS)

If you have a NAS server in your home, you can still refer to the manufacturer of the device, as majority of the time, NAS manufacturer are proposing their own application which can configurate the server but also will be able to pilot the system and play the "Remote" role



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