How can I find out if my Phantom is AirPlay-compatible?


How can I find out if my Phantom is AirPlay-compatible?

 Note: The presence of a single AirPlay-compatible device (Phantom or Dialog) in your set-up extends the AirPlay functionality to your whole Phantom system.

AirPlay compatible devices:

  • All Gold Phantom

  • New generation Phantom and Silver Phantom

  • New generation Dialog

To find out if your Phantom or Silver Phantom is AirPlay-compatible, please follow these steps:

  1. Open your Spark application

  2. Update to the latest version of Spark 

    • If your app is not up to date: A screen offering the latest update will automatically appear

    • If you previously declined the update, go to "Settings" and then "Devices" to update


  3. Go to the "OPTION" menu

  4. Select "SOURCE"

  5. If AirPlay appears as a source, your Phantom is AirPlay-compatible



Products: Phantom | Version: Firmware 1.12

Setup: ALL | Source type: AirPlay®

Creation date: 19/05/2017 | KB article ID: SP0210




  • Alexandre Bourcier

    Cool, I bought mine 6 months and it is not compatible!😡😡

  • Frederic NEMO

    I am SO disappointed to see that the Phantom I bought is NOT airplay compatible. I am Also disappointed to see that Devialet has not followed its promise to have an always up to date speaker :

    "It evolves and perfects itself with free updates,
    for better performance and new functionalities:
    WebRadio, integration of new online music services...
    several new features to come."

    Airplay should have been a basic, and hardware should have not been a limitation.


  • René Kint

    Well, this is really disappointing. Devialet makes a promise to be up to date with tech, and an upper class system.

    Now that my relatively new system (<18 months) is not supported, this to me is proof that the electronics business will from now on always be trailing the computer guys. My 2013 iMac is still fully supported and has all features the ecosystem provides. My Devialet can not even play Airplay, let alone Airplay 2.

    This will delegate my Devialet system to niche status. Very early. A 4000 Euro setup. Very sad. Apple will soon make speakers that will overtake Devialet, if not in performance - already in features..

    Bummer, I love my silver phantoms. 

    Hope Devialet will turn around and support Airplay/Airplay 2 soon. I am sure it is not a hardware issue. These darlings are not devices you upgrade easily, like an iPad.


  • Russell Pearce

    Dialog brings Airplay support to any non-compatible Phantom. For even more freedom. $329 USD.



  • Océane

    Dear Russell 


    You are correct indeed. 

    Our Dialogs are compatible with airplay. 

    Including in your Phantom system a Dialog with airplay, will make it possible to send an airplay signal to as many Phantom linked to this Dialog as you want. 


    Best regards, 




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