The first Devialet OS board prototype has just landed in our engineers' hands.


The first Devialet OS board prototype has just landed in our engineers' hands.

2017, April 11th Update

  • The Devialet OS Board will be internal and will replace both Duet and Wifi boards
  • New powerful  dual-band 2.4/5GHz wifi and Gigabit Ethernet modules
  • The OS board will feature a Linux-based operating system tailored for audio applications and streaming
  • There will be no music storage on Devialet OS board
  • The Devialet OS board will be offered and installed for free to all Expert Pro and Original d'Atelier owners



More to come soon...





  • Gordon Tye

    Pleased to see a prototype has already been produced, this would lead me to believe you have a firm idea of what the OS and board will be able to offer. I'm hoping with a theoretical value of $1800 we'll be treated to a lot more than UPnP/DLNA which sadly is the only information we've been granted to date. When do you think you'll give a public indication of what we can expect?

  • D Payne

    Perhaps Devialet need to be reminded of the words of their own CEO:

     "Our goal is to make each and everyone of you happy. You are incredibly important to us. Without your support, we wouldn’t have been able to constantly improve our products and create the Expert line and Phantom. We owe it to you and we know it. 

    Rest assured that Expert is a main focus for us. This is where all our revolutionary technologies come from. This is where we come from. And this is also our future. 

    Part of it is Devialet Air, which we agree is a key technology. As you know, quite a sophisticated one. But I know you expect the best from us, and you should. 

    We will create and manage an online page where you will find all the latest about our work on Expert. And also where you can share your experience with other Expert owners. Sharing is caring. 

    As a general matter, I will make sure our teams get better at understanding your needs and communicating on a regular basis with you. Bringing you audiophile happiness is the reason we are all going to work with a big smile on our face every morning.

    1. Expert is a main focus 

    2. (Expert) is our future

    3. We will create and manage an online page where you will find all the latest about our work on Expert

    4. We will make sure our teams get better at communicating on a regular basis."

    So much for these brave (empty!?) words and the promises made - it would appear that the word comunication does not seem to exist in Devialet, nor does anyone have the common courtesy to respond to any of the reasonable comments, and requests made for more information! 


  • hifi_swlon

    Much like the "Devialet Loves You" slogan at the top of every email notification cation. What's the point? I guess the PR guys have zero understanding of the reality, and the irony.

  • John Yow

    I upgraded to 440 Pro in anticipation of the streamer board.  But so far there has been next to zero details on the features of the product. 

    If Devialet cares about its customers I sincerely request that you communicate some details or at least a product roadmap.  Since this part is built into another product I cannot see any risk of leaking info to potential competitors. 

    Another note is increasingly many serious streamers  are adding Roon support.  Without that would greatly compromise the product. 

  • hifi_swlon

    @Stevensegal, I had thought I'd understood your point of view but I'm honestly a bit confused now....

    You claim to not really want very much from the streamer board yourself and will accept whatever Devialet give you, but at the same time appear to be heavily invested in trying to somehow pitch yourself and Devialet against anyone that actually wants something from it, and try and discredit any attempt at justifying the desire for Roon's RAAT, HQPlayer's NAA, or any other popular systems people use and want to integrate tightly with their shiny boxes.  

    The discussion is about what other features people would like, and to try and extract some information from Devialet so we don't go off and buy hardware like, say, streamers, only to find out afterwards Devialet are releasing a board that includes the same features.  

    My guess is Spark would most likely be included by Devialet in any event since they've already written it - and it would be free to use for anyone that wanted it.  I'm sure there would be a few people for who it was 'good enough' for a piece of free software for occasional use, and would allow control of the Expert and any Phantoms.  So if you're happy to use it to replace your Auralic  streamer and Lightning software with it, that's great and you'll most likely be well catered for. Devialet software engineers adopting RAAT would take up minuscule resources compared to developing future versions of Spark so it would have a very low impact for you personally.

    Anyway, getting to some points.

    "Firstly, the "survey". 87 responses from 3,000 members implies epic response bias. Having an academic background is sampling surveys, time is too short to critique it, other that to say it was not circulated. I am a DevialetChat member (one post, asked a question, no replies) and was unaware of the "survey"."

    I posted quite clearly that this was a forum Poll, in leu of any other stats from anywhere else. Devialetchat forum Polls aren't circulated - which you probably wouldn't be aware of if you've only ever posted there once and don't visit frequently.  It's not an academic study, it's simply some data that's available.  Perhaps you'd care to survey the entire Devialet user base about their opinions in a more scientific manner if you're really interested in getting some better data? Im not sure why you repeatedly refer to it as a "survey" - you are the only one calling it that. If you want to be made aware of any future Polls, perhaps post your contact details here or get in touch with the DC owners and they can call you whenever a new Poll is posted to make you aware of it :)

    I don't see the relevance of MQA here - its another topic unrelated to Roon or the streamer board, and we all assume Devialet will not incorporate MQA anyway.

    But I will pick up on this:

    "Roon's partners are a small group of small high-end audio manufacturers and some DIY suppliers like Hifiberry. There are no big brands like TEAC, Onkyo, Yamaha, Panasonic, etc. So however much some people like Roon, it seems a very niche product that has not been adopted by the vast majority of the mainstream or hi-end audio industry."

    Er, sorry, so Devialet Experts are to be compared to Onkyo and Panasonic devices? The small high-end audio manufacturers (you mean like Devialet?) you mention include:

    Auralic (a brand you apparently own!), Ayre, Bel Canto, Bluesound, Brinkman, Bryston, Creek, dCS, DEQX, Exasound, Krell, Lumin, Meitner, Merging, NAD, Nativ, PS Audio, Sonore, SOTM, totalDac, and Trinnov. Naim have also announced they're working on it.

    Who else exactly would you want on that list before it was deemed adopted by high-end audio?  I doubt it will ever be mainstream but that's not it's market (nor is it the Devialet Experts market).

    And yes, you can add a Roon zone with a £35 raspberry Pi - it works very well and I have several around the house for secondary zones - just one of the fantastic benefits of Roon.  What's more they're rock solid and reliable, unlike AIR. But is it the best sounding solution there is?  No, probably not.  What most of us want is the best of both worlds. The streamer board could easily provide it - but right now none of us know.....



  • Ian Goodwin

    March 18th: this streamer board update page launched

    April 11th: first update given but pretty worthless information

    June 3rd: 7.1/2 more weeks and no update.

    Now we are just 4 weeks away from Devialet's promised delivery time made a year ago.

    Devialet redefine the meaning of the word "soon".

    From a customer focussed company four years ago to just the opposite now. Very disappointing.

  • John Yow

    I think some periodic updates and/or responses to queries from Devialet would be helpful.  Even bad news is better than no news, and even no news is better than total silence.

  • Brian Rostron

    I presume someone at Devialet reads these comments?  (It is impossible to know for sure because Devialet never comment themselves)

    Anyway, I would like to thank Devialet for the email you sent yesterday; 'Opéra de Paris I Devialet - A visionary project'.  This was most interesting and informative.

    However, it does puzzle me that Devialet appear to have time for the above projects and communication of the same to customers, but no time at all to respond to any of the questions and comments on this page, on Devialet's very own website.  If I am honest, reading through the comments in this thread today I am genuinely finding myself felling embarrassed.  That is, I now feel embarrassed to be a customer of Devialet.  It not a case of me being impatient for the OS Board, far from it.  It is just the impression this gives of Devialet as a company, and that is an impression of a company that treats it's customers with disdain.  So who wants to be that customer?  That is why it is embarrassing. 

  • Antoine Bongers

    "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Henry Ford.

    Unfortunately "fanatic forum users" seems to be used to denigrate a certain type of people. Yet I surely hope Devialet listens to those people more than they do to people who need to call their dealer for every simple change in their system.

    In general it's the people who are active on forums who are passionate about these type of subjects. They keep each other apprised of what else is out there and thus possible today and in the near future. Listening to the group of people Ford referenced to would be a waste. These people lack vision and only care to use what they know or already use.

    Of course the people that do know what else is out there are more demanding. They have higher standards and thus bigger wishes and needs. If Devialet wants to excel like they did with ADH offering uPnP/DLNA is not going to cut it, it's rather going back in time 10 years. In a way Devialet was ahead of their time with AIR, though poorly executed, their thinking was right there where a large portion of the market is now going using advanced ethernet streaming protocols like Ravenna, AES67, Dante, Roon's RAAT, HQPlayer's NAA etc. etc.

    To be honest I don't think Devialet is going to succeed in meeting the wishes of their more vocal and demanding users. Personally I'd wish they would partner up with specialist companies who have been developping software solutions for the type of hardware solution Devialet is developing, e.g. a company like Roon or companies that develop both the hardware solution and the software fully tailored to it (like e.g. a dCS did). If they don't do that and keep insisting on developing everything themselves they will always be behind on the rest of the market and we, their customers, will become permanent beta test users for even the most basic functionalities.

    Right now I too would like to see Devialet improving their communication and interaction with their own customers. If they don't want to be such a customer centric company then at least I don't want to be a customer of theirs.

    If they don't want improve here they perhaps should consider to become just the technology company they seem to want to become. A company who OEM's their tech to the automotive sector etc. No more pesky end users to deal with then. :-) Right now I feel like someone who's using an expensive piece of tech of theirs made to just build their brand name and as a showcase for the tech they developed.

  • Yaohan YANG

    guys, always keep an eye here, so focused on delivering what we announced recently.

    personally so moved by many comments here, we owe you a lot of explanation and i hope a better mechanism would be in place soon to improve the com.

  • Brian Rostron

    I am interested in knowing exactly what is the functionality of the new streamer board.  The term 'streamer' is used fairly generically in the hifi industry.  Sometimes it refers to a 'Network End Point' or 'Network Audio Adaptor', so in other words, something that you would need to connect to a computer in order to actually stream music.  Sometimes the term is used to describe an 'all in one box', that has a hard disk full of music, software, and an audio output.  So what exactly is the streamer board designed to do?  Do you need to connect to a computer or NAS drive?  Or is it a case of simply adding a hard drive full of music?  Maybe the streamer board has built in capacity to store music? 

    A different way of putting this is to ask that in terms of functionality, what does the streamer board offer that is not already possible via AIR?

    Or is additional functionality not the primary purpose?  Is it a case that the new streamer board is designed to offer superior sound quality to AIR?

  • D Payne

    I totally agree with John Yow. I honestly think that Devialet would be doing themselves, and their loyal "Expert" customers, a serious disservice if they do  not include Roon integration as part of this Streamer Board project. Many mainstream manufacturers of "Streaming" products  are already Roon compliant - see - and if Devialet do not join this ever increasing band, then I can see their existing customer base becoming increasingly more dissatisfied. Ther are already a lot of unhappy Devialet Expert line owners who feel let down by Devialet, and their inability to communicate effectively with customers, despite an earlier promise to improve!

  • hifi_swlon

    It's great to finally hear that there's been progress with the streamer board (thanks for the update) - but please don't just announce this in a kind of 'mysterious PR driven photo of a circuit board' type event where we aren't actually left with any useful information.

    Please start engaging with us....

    There are already some questions above that should be easy to answer now.

    Many of us are expecting it to be RoonReady, in line with most other high end brands right now. It would be great to get confirmation as to whether this will be at release or come later.

    Will Room Correction finally appear? Again, if not at release, later on?

    What more can you tell us?

    Is the USB going to be galvanically isolated?

    We assume it will have the same inputs unless you're replacing the rear panel?

    What more information do you want from us about what we'd like?

    Any information you can give us now, even if things may change down the line, not only helps us to get excited, but also to plan ahead for hardware purchase etc.

    Please show us more pics and send some proposed specs... :)

  • Warren Willows

    Happy to see this window has opened but it begs more questions than answered:

    Is this board in a separate case and outboard of the Pro or is it sited inside?  If so are you asking us to send our Pro"s back to France?

    If outside, how does it connect to the Pro?

    Is the intention is to have an ethernet NAS/drive to serve the music to the board or will there be locally attached hard drive?  If so, how will that drive connect?  USB?  AES/XLR? (yes)



  • hifi_swlon

    >"I do not know for sure but knowing about its origin I strongly doubt that Roon incurs no additional cost to Devialet. Devialet would have to have additional chip for receiving and decrypting signal sent by Roon player. Where would Devialet get that chip? From Roon, of course. For free? Certainly not! That would mean that Roon gives their know-how for free. Not in this world!"

    Sorry Avram, I don't believe you fully understand the technology, and you don't seem very familiar with Roon.

    RAAT is free.  RoonReady certification is free. These are publicly available facts direct from the developers. There is no 'receiver chip' needed, it's Linux code (and in fact I've no idea if its encrypted). Roon don't give away their IP because they don't give away their source code. What they get out of it is a bigger user base, which of course earns them money from licenses as more brands that have the capability to easily use Roon, the more user licenses of Roon I'm sure they sell.

    >"A propos RAAT - what exactly "bit perfect transport" means? Marketing buzzword ! TCP/IP have several layers strictly devoted to ensuring absolute error free packet sending and receiving. If it was not the case we would not have Internet as we know it. When Air works without drop-out - and that is most of the time - does it not provide "bit perfect transport"?"

    I think a 'bit perfect transport' is a fairly readily accepted and understood concept. It really has nothing to do with TCP/IP - well, at least it doesnt have to.  AIR never worked at all for me without dropout for two years, but I'm glad it worked most of the time for you. As far as I'm aware - when  it works - AIR does provide bit-perfect transport, yes.  As ana side I believe RAAT uses a mix of UDP and TCP but that's not really that relevant.

    >"What does "multi-room streaming" means? I have a router in one room and desktops and laptops in every other room. Each and every one of my computers allows me to browse the Internet wirelessly. Is it not "multi-room streaming"? Multi-room streaming does not require Roon. It requires good router, strong signal, and good receiver."

    No not really.  This is just computers connected to the internet over a wifi network.

    Multi-room streaming in this sense means controlling music in every room of your house (for example), from one interface - either playing separate streams, or all grouped together playing the same stream in sync. Perhaps the downstairs zones are grouped playing one album, and upstairs another.  Maybe the kids room has something else.

    >"Once again, think of it this way: should Devialet strive to support just about any third party company that comes out with its own algorithm for encrypting and packing data?"

    No, just the one that's regarded as the best(!), and aligns with Devialet in the sense that it's nice to look at too. Like I say, I've no idea about encryption algorithms, that's not what its about - that's more MQA.

  • Antoine Bongers

    Hifi_swlon is right. The Devialet, if they'd opt to become Roon Ready (which I'd applaud) would become an 'endpoint' in this case. Roon calls it an 'output'. The functionality to distribute streams to endpoints is built in to what Roon calls the Roon Core. It runs on a Mac or PC (or 3rd party music server) and is the central 'brain' in the Roon architecture.

    I think it's good to mention that the functionality required to be a Roon Ready endpoint and other functionality like Spark, DLNA or whatever Devialet is working on, isn't mutually exclusive. These functionalities can easily co-exist. The RAAT daemon runs on Linux and is I believe a mere 200kB of code. It uses it's own, non overlapping with other software, TCP and UDP ports.

    So there's no need for anyone here to 'fight' or 'resist' the wish of others who'd like to see the Devialet Expert to become Roon Ready. We just need to "fight" Devialet to try to move them to do the little work required to meet this wish of many (or at least a significant and growing number) of their customers.

    NB. Devialet is of course both a hardware and software company. Most of their hardware requires software (be it firmware, drivers or client-server software) to run/be operated.

  • Warren Willows


    We share a similar outlook on this....I sold my Auralic Aries some time ago when discovering how superior AIR via ethernet was.   I am hoping the board will also be an additional improvement but alternates may be required if the implementation is less than desired.  On going news of the design intent would assist in this selection

    The dCS is a ROON endpoint and certainly has the bona fides as a premier software/hardware developer and may be superior to Devialet's implementation.

  • hifi_swlon

    Thanks for the extra info - it's not really giving much away in any practical sense - but it's (just) better than nothing.

    Come on, tell us something we really want to know :) Have you started Roon certification yet, it do you need to develop the board and OS further? How long do you estimate it will take to become RoonReady? Some brands seem to have done it in a few months while others have taken 5-6 months. So it pays to start early.

    Can't wait to start using my RoonReady Devialet - finally it will become the device it deserves to be.

  • Sven

    Love my Devialet PRO, I hope Roon is on the list for the streamer board.

  • hifi_swlon

    Stevensegal: "Actually, I don't think I want any of those, but I can't be sure as I don't know what they mean. I suspect that for most users, all they would want the OS card to do is get music from an online streaming service, usb or NAS drive. "

    I don't use them all either - but lots of people seem to like up-sampling and have other EQ needs.  I do find a very slight gain with the latest up sampling, but its not really aimed at the likes of Devialet since it has its own internal processing, and lowish sample rates by modern DAC standards.  But its there if people need it.  Convolution is just a more technical word for room correction - i.e. taking the rooms effects out of the equation by means of adjustment according to measurement.  For those without a dedicated listening room (like me), it has a huge effect on the sound - way better than any hardware upgrade - including the Pro. If you have a decent listening room and balanced sound then its not of so much interest.

    From all comments I've read across the internet, I don't think everyone wants the same thing (although there are similarities) so I think its probably untrue to say most people only want online streaming or NAS playback - although I'm sure many do.  

    I don't use wifi, only wired ethernet, so actually if the streamer board was a lemon in terms of functionality the wifi wouldn't help - but I actually hope it may offer some benefit in other areas by way of the OS.  Separate to the streaming functionality, what I'm hoping for is the removal of the SD card for anything other than firmware updates, and all the configuration  options being directly available via a web browser or iPad interface, so the Expert can be configured 'realtime' from the sofa, without having to swap SD cards in and out.  This would be a big benefit, although still a bit of an anti-climax if the streamer itself wasn't up to much. In fact, this aspect of the card and OS hasn't really been discussed at all, and would be great to find out more info on that side.

    "I actually tried Roon twice. The first time I gave up because it requires the host computer to be on, but my audio system does not have a dedicated computer, it is contolled from an ipad. I then tried Roon Server, but had problems getting it to work properly. I just want to play files as ripped, downloaded or streamed. (p.s. Qobuz are about to go to 24/96 streaming, purchases can already be streamed at that rate.)"

    If you ever want to try Roon again, I'd be happy to help.  It's probably more fiddly than it needs to be in some areas (although its getting better all the time), and realistically you do need a computer left on all the time, but for me it offers a central system for all the rooms I want music in - and other than the Devialet in the lounge, I use inexpensive Raspberry Pi's with add-on DACs, into speakers with a line input, and I'm set for all-room music that sounds decent for about £250 per zone.  Now Sonos is supported I may consider one of those in the future for a bit more 'all in one' ease, but the Pi's have been flawless to date.

    I miss Qobuz, sadly that's a reality of using Roon and I've come to terms with Tidal - it provides me with a way of having my local music, streamed music, and internet radio all under one control. Qobuz is better and has a better library (and is just more to my taste as a company) but they (Qobuz) just don't seem to want it to happen.


    @M Connellly: "But ... we're not here to tell Devialet specifically what to build nor now to build it. And best I can tell, they really haven't asked for our opinions"

    Well, I certainly am! :)  And they did add a comments section to the streamer board page, so I feel it's good to say what we want, even if it's ignored.

  • hifi_swlon

    I said that I'd try and summarise the Devialetchat streamerboard discussion so far, and the features requested, for the benefit of Devialet themselves, and anyone here who's commenting but unfamiliar with the site/topic.

    In the first instance I've pasted below the results so far of the recent Poll titled: 

    The new Streamer Board - What is the 'must have' feature

      Feature                                                                         Votes      %

    Roon RAAT compatible*   36 41%
    UPnP   5 6%
    HQPlayer compatibility   1 1%
    Spotify connect   0 0%
    Apple compatibility, iTunes / Airplay   3 3%
    Self-hosted configuration mechanism to allow changes to the Devialet's configuration on the fly   6 7%
    Support for SPARK, to include Phantom compatibility via PLC   2 2%
    A fully self contained streaming system, i.e. no need for a computer, just add NAS or USB memory with music.   19 22%
    I would accept any kind of functionality if sound quality is clearly superior to AIR   6 7%
    Virtual soundcard, much like AIR but with superior sound quality and stability   9 10%
    Total 87 vote(s) 100%

    'Forum Fanatics' may have been the term used here by some other commenter to describe those that participate in the only forum dedicated to the Devialet user base.  However, as far as I'm aware, no dealer, or owner, has ever been polled by Devialet themselves, and therefore this is the only publicly available information from the Devialet user base about what features they want from the streamer board.  

    As is obvious, Roon features at the top of the list with over 40% of users who participated wanting that feature, with a self-hosted NAS/USB/memory type solution in second place with a shade over half Roons votes at 22%. Spark comes out almost bottom with only 2% of users wanting it for their Experts.

    Devialetchat has nearly 3,000 members, has been active for several years, and is the online resource for Devialet owners - the knowledge and information held at the site must save Devialet millions in support costs alone, and often provides solutions to Devialet problems that Devialet themselves are unable to answer.  

    I have absolutely no affiliation to Devialetchat, it was a site I came across when I had issues with AIR that I couldn't resolve (and where I found lots of others who were suffering AIR woes), and is now to go-to place for Devialet information and discussion.  It covers users across the entire Devialet range, and across the spectrum from users with casual single Phantom systems, right up to users with multiple Experts, including 1000 Pro and Original d'Atelier owners - some of whom are lucky enough to have £100K+ systems that we can all dream about.  And most importantly, everyone shares a passions for music, and getting the best out of their Devialet systems.

    A link to the poll is here:

    And the more detailed streamer board discussion here:

  • D Payne

    Are you the Markus Hubner, who is Founder & CEO of Brandflow, and if so are you in anyway connected with Devialet's Marketing? If so, they need a swift kick in the proverbial, as they are annoying a lot of people through their lack of communication, especially after promises made by their CEO!

    Whilst I appreciate that there may still be ongoing development of the OS Board, a prototype exists so someone must, I hope, have a road map of  the way forward and be able to give some sort of update, otherwise why have this announcement, and seek comment?!

    If you are not that Markus Hubner, and are not connected in anyway with Devialet, I apologise for this intrusion.

  • John Yow

    Stevensegal no offence meant but your views show you are out of touch with the state of computer audio.

    Most of the people who opt for Devialet expert series are far from rookies, many of not most have years of experience with the computer audio.

    I for one has started from years of sticking to the Squeezebox's excellent open platform, then different iterations of Mac/iTunes add-ons like Amarra, Pure Music, Audirvana, Bitperdect, JRiver.  Most of which I paid decent money for.  Roon is the only viable interface that is reliable and with an interface that is truly user friendly, and a platform that is truly portable and multi-platform.   What's more they have a team that is so responsive that they fixed a bug I reported within hours of my reporting it with a new release.  The Roon team even took on putting development effort into supporting the Squeezebox platform which Logitech killed, just because we asked.

    One of the key to Roon's is their open nature, They can afford to focus their effort into develop one single interface for multiple devices.  Most of the closed computer audio platforms like those from Naim and Linn I tried are just not good enough.  And it is understandable since this is not their main line of expertise.  Roon being a common platform for multiple devices is like Microsoft developing Windows for compatible devices from various manufacturers.  It just makes sense.  

    Frankly I am quite surprised to hear about the suggestion that a proprietary player makes more sense.     

  • John Yow

    No info on features whatsoever.

    Either they are being super secret, or do not want to commit due to lack of confidence of those features working, or they have been so busy with sexing up the phantoms that they have not even started?

    Come on, if Roon is in the road map (or not), just tell us so we can move on.  False hope is worse than no hope.

  • hifi_swlon

    "Sven Yesterday at 08:30
    Love my Devialet PRO, I hope Roon is on the list for the streamer board."

    Sven, of course Roon is on the roadmap - Devialet have often ignored their customers in the past - but they can clearly see that Roon is absolutely essential for high-end gear like the Experts. To omit RoonReady certification on a brand new streamer board designed in 2017 would be insane. Not only that - can you imagine the backlash - I'm guessing their social media like Facebook and Twitter, as well as forums and press would be flooded with comments from angry users leaving for other brands. Not what you'd want for your new investors to see!

    Also, they have publicly committed to engaging with their customers better about what they want from their products, and Roon is being requested both here and across forums such as Devialetchat.  

    So it's inconceivable they would omit Roon - it's definitely coming.  The question is, when?  Will it be certified at launch or will it follow later? Has the certification process started? This is what we're waiting to hear.

    Of course, not everyone uses Roon, and there are many other requests at Devialetchat, and as soon as I have time I'll summarise all the comments here for the benefit of Devialet.

    What is clear is that pretty much no-one has asked for upnp/spark - this isn't a solution for the experts. Hence the desire for more information as this is the only feature mentioned.

    Looking forward to hearing more.   


  • Brian Rostron

    Whilst I agree with hifi_swlon's comment above, I think one point needs clarifying.  Many Devialet Pro users are running Roon with HQPlayer, so not just 'Roon Ready', but NAA protocol compatible.  To me it makes sense that if you are running the best amplifier in the world, why not give it the best possible feed?  Makes sense I think?

  • Gib C

    Devialet, there was zero response from your company since April 11th. Almost two months!! 

    Please tell us why your company created this thread and did not response to  enquiries and update.

  • Gib C

    Thanks for the first wave info of the os board. Hope Devialet keeps us informed of the progress. 

  • Steven Segal

    I would have thought the specifications would be fairly straightforward - good wifi to avoid the need for an ethernet connection, Tidal, Qobuz, spotify and highresaudio loaded, Roon, a good player and indexing files on a usb attached drive. Radio channels would be nice. Mobile remote app. It's not rocket science, but I know from other manufacturers that it takes a lot longer than expected to get right. 

    So updates on specs and mobile platforms would be nice, just hope it is not rushed out with bugs. Happy to wait.

  • D Payne

    I think that you are wasting your time posting here, no one at Devialet is interested! After all you are only a customer who invested 1000s £, $ or Euros in what is looking like an empty promise!!


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