The first Devialet OS board prototype has just landed in our engineers' hands.


The first Devialet OS board prototype has just landed in our engineers' hands.

2017, April 11th Update

  • The Devialet OS Board will be internal and will replace both Duet and Wifi boards
  • New powerful  dual-band 2.4/5GHz wifi and Gigabit Ethernet modules
  • The OS board will feature a Linux-based operating system tailored for audio applications and streaming
  • There will be no music storage on Devialet OS board
  • The Devialet OS board will be offered and installed for free to all Expert Pro and Original d'Atelier owners



More to come soon...





  • Cgmarshall00

    I'd also like to add my thanks, it does, at times, feel like Devialet don't listen to our requests but obviously you guys have been quietly working in the background.  The Roon solution is great, really well thought out.  For the first time i have a software solution (single box with ROCK) that matches the quality of the Devialet hardware.


    The only small concern is that you have set an extremely high target to beat with the CORE board!  Good luck :-)



  • Avalon

    Devialet, my thanks as well for working with Roon on the My Devialet audio zone removing the need to run the virtual AIR driver.  I've been with you from the start with my D-Premier, now a 250 Pro and I'm very satisfied with the customer service and attention to detail on the various firmware updates and upgrades....cheers!

  • Michael Connelly

    Downloaded the Roon update with Devialet AIR integration last night and I have to say - I was just blown away!  This is truly a match made in audio heaven.   If this doesn't sell more Experts (and Roon licenses), I don't know what will.

    Kudos on a great collaboration!  Thank you.

  • D Payne

    Hats off to all at Devialet (and Roon) who worked to make the Roon/AIR integration work so well.

    Let's all hope that the new Core Infinity OS Board turns out to be as successful!

  • Barr Plexico

    Thank you Devialet for working with Roon on the Roon/Devialet integration, very much appreciated!


  • Graham

    Many thanks for the Roon Devialet integration.  It means I don't have to run AIR on a windows virtual machine, which was causing problems regularly.

  • dan widdowfield

    Absolutely brilliant integration with Roon, kudos to all concerned! 

    Can't wait for my streamer boards now.

  • Pim Van Vliet

    Lots of happy campers here.  What did you guys do to Roon AIR that makes it sound so much better than regular AIR? Whatever it is, keep it up!

  • Steven Segal

    I downloaded a Roon trial and as they only work with Tidal (no good for classical and MQA disbelievers) I am delighted to see Qobuz will be on board along with UPnP to connect my server. So looking forward to a new OS board later this year. 

  • Yaohan YANG

    guys, always keep an eye here, so focused on delivering what we announced recently.

    personally so moved by many comments here, we owe you a lot of explanation and i hope a better mechanism would be in place soon to improve the com.

  • Gib C

    Hello, Yaohan. Glad you are here and do keep on telling us more about everything of Devialet.

  • Gavin Hodgson

    What about non-Expert Pro owners.  I have le200 which I'm perfectly happy with, but would like the streamer functionality this new board offers.  Is there an upgrade path for us?

  • Roland

    Happy Devialet 220 pro owner.

    I just read about Roon - and the Air support. Sorry for being an ignorant, but maybe someone can enlighten me. I do not mean to criticize - only looking for inspiration!

    First of all - if I have Sonos (wired) today, why would I need Devialet Air? My UI is typically iphone or Ipad Sonos app. My NAS comes in this way as well. Anything I don't see - or is it just to get rid of the "extra" element that the Sonos becomes?

    Secondly if I have Sonos today, what extra does Roon bring to the table? Again, is it just to get rid of the Sonos? And wouldn't Roon require a core server investment anyway? Unless ones PC is acting as a fulltime core server.

    I see that Roon Air - to many - is a step up soundwise compared to Dev Air, but like mentioned in the first question I don't really see a need for Dev Air when having the Sonos in place. Maybe I am missing something crucial?

    Looking forward to reading your inputs

    Thanks in advance


  • Petri Kosonen


    Sonos is definitely a nice and affordable streaming solution. You can also use Sonos with Roon if you like:

    This being said, I have found following things that makes Roon & AIR combination better than Sonos:

    1) Roon has a lot better UX and usability than Sonos. I like the metadata and all different things how Roon makes my music library look like.

    2) Roon supports high res and DSD, where as Sonos doesn't.

    3) Roon can do massive amount of DSP like for example upsampling, parametric eq, convolution, and many others. This is really important for me since it allows me to do digital room and loudspeaker correction. Sonos doesn't support these.

    4) I have more hardware solutions with Roon. For example if I want to buy a new loudspeaker to a kitchen for example, I have different options available like Sonos and Bluesound. Roon gives me more freedom to choose whatever I like.

    5) Lastly, this is only my subjective opinion, but I think AIR sounds better than Sonos. Yes both are bit perfect, but whetever it is, I have found AIR sounding clearly better. I don't want to make any compromises with the sound quality.

    Then there are also some negative things in Roon/AIR:

    1) You need to run Roon Server on some computer or NAS. Sonos don't require a separate server.

    2) AIR has some quality problems and Devialet is (still) investigating these. There can be sometimes crackles and dropouts but fortunately these problems happen quite rarely (like once in an hour or so).

    3) Sonos supports many streaming services where as Roon has only Tidal currently. This is fine for me, since I'm only interested in lossless streaming services and Tidal is the only lossless streaming service that is available here.

  • Roland


    I really appreciate your input. Thanks a million!

    I will definitely take a closer look at Roon - sounds interesting. Any recommendations for what to use as the core server? As much out of the box as possible :-) Any cheap boxes, that can handle that job without having a MAC/PC running all the time?

    Roon High res support sounds interesting as well - maybe the new devialet OS will have a solution for this anyway? I hope :-) Tried it via OPPO / optical once - but again, it becomes so clumsy when you have to start a lot of external stuff to listen to music. My view :-) So if Roon handles this - I am heated. 

    Air sounds better - Suddenly, I remember. I actually tested this once, but could only play (bad wifi) this way via MAC / ethernet, so I parked it due to low usability - but it did sound better to my ears as well. Even on CD quality level. If Roon Air is even better ... wauuw. Definitely worth a try.

    Tidal is my fav as well.

    Last thing - the DSP stuff you mention, upsampling, digital room and speaker correction etc. sounds very interesting, but right now a bit out of my safezone - what would be the best place to start reading about this? Any recommendations?

    Thanks again for your kindness.





  • Petri Kosonen

    Hi Roland,

    I would probably recommend waiting for this OS board before buying any new hardware. After a few months we should know what features it has. I certainly hope that it would support Roon RAAT so that I could continue using the Roon but having a better stability/quality of streaming compared to the current Roon-AIR.

    If you would like to learn more about Roon, I think it would be good to start by reading the Roon Knowledge Base. There is lot of good information there, for example the getting started and minimum requirements for running the Roon:

    According to my experiences, the Roon-AIR has about the same sound quality than the regular Devialet AIR that you can install on your PC/MAC. The main difference between these is the quality of implementation. The Roon-AIR works a lot better according to my experiences although it's not perfect yet.

    I'm not sure where to start with the DSP stuff since it can get complicated. Perhaps you could start by reading about it from the Roon Knowledge Base.

    Of course you don't have to use any of these DSP things, but at least I have found these, especially the convolution, extremely useful since I'm having a bit bad room acoustics. There is also a simple guide how to do the convolution filters in the Roon blog:

    Do you know what would be even better? It would be awesome if I could install the same convolution filters to my Devialet so that I could use the same filters in all inputs of it.

  • Roland


    For some reason I can't see your answer in here in this thread - but I got it in my inbox, so here is my answer.

    Once again - thank you so much. Yep, I'll wait a few months to see what devialet comes up with :-), but Roon really looks cool. Can't wait ....

    Furthermore I am moving to a place with a more solid broadband bandwidth - from 15 to 300 Mbit, and it really gives me some other options in order to stream music with a higher soundquality. So my new line + the new OS board + having Roon as an extra ace will definitely give me a chance to take everything to the next level. High res seems very plausible now.

    thank you.


  • Markus Hübner

    So Devialet - what is the current status? What about a firmware update which has long been due offering some improvements / new features. Also AIR is still facing bugs - though at least Roon provides a stable solution. But having to pay for using Roon is not what has been initially been intended / aimed for with the product.

  • Roland


    Such a valid and plausible request! But don't expect anything from Devialet. I think we are all in the same boat - we all had high expectation in terms of innovation, consistency and transparency into the future roadmap and vision.

    As good as Devialet is at creating a unique sound and mastering hw complexity, as bad are they at keeping a stable sw stream and product vision. My guess is, that they are more likely a visionary hw engineering company than a sw engineering company. And they are absolutely not a marketing company! :-)

    Personally, the OS Board is the final exam in my view - I have been accepting all the flaws and "startup difficulties" for two years now - the OS Board will be the last chance to prove that they have learned for the past. If it doesn't include a clear vision to overcome the many open issues and concerns - technically, practically and strategically - then I am out. We deserve to know and understand what is going on - but I am not sure that they really understand this. Silence is no longer an option if they want to survive in the long run.

    I cross my fingers.



  • hifi_swlon

    My fingers are crossed too, but I'm not sure I hold out much hope about Devialet having learnt from the past...

    As far as I can tell, we're a month away from the launch of the Core Infinity board, and yet this page - which was allegedly setup to share details with us (presumably just as lip service following Quentin Sannie's now infamous and completely unfulfilled petition pledge to improve customer relations and lessen marketing BS) - contains barely more useful information than was posted at the start. 

    Devialet staff are barely present, here or anywhere else.

    There have been no notable feature updates to the Expert firmware in getting on for two years.

    All we read about in the press is chip manufacture, and an ugly Sky soundbar.

    I'm shifting my comments to their Facebook page from here on in.  Probably more chance of a response, and if not at least it's not just hidden away in private.

    Meanwhile, still on track for delivering the board on October 17th!?  Seems very doubtful, but let's see - personally I anticipate an email full of BS and bluster and letting us know it's delayed by a month or two..... and thats with my optimistic hat on!





  • Steven Segal

    hifi_swlon seems a bit half-glass-empty on this issue. I'll give Devialet the benefit of the doubt and if it's a bit late my life will not be unduly affected. I've had great pleasure from my Devialet unit since it arrived in January, as have my family. The feature set announced a while back was pretty comprehensive. The Roon update was not pre-announced, but when it arrived many were delighted with it. My experience with Devialet and the customer Service has only been excellent. 

  • Petri Kosonen

    I agree with hifi_swlon, I think he is just having a realistic view on this. I don't care so much about possible delays, I am more concerned about quality of this board. If there are some bugs, how long do we have to wait for those getting fixed? Let me remind you that Devialet AIR is still having bugs...

  • Roland


    You are so right. I think we could all wait some extra months, if the end result is worth it. That said, it is not all about quality and "timing" - I really think their customers deserve to know where they are going with their stuff. Too me it has been extremely - and still is - frustrating, not to have a clear understanding of what the end goal is. A hifi setup is an ecosystem with so many elements, and Devialet is not making it easy to navigate and invest with their black box approach. The Pro products are excellent - no doubt - but why this silence about the situation. Like you mention, the Air stuff is really unstable, why don't they just tell us about their roadmap for getting it fixed? The OS board - for more than a year we have all just tread water, cause nothing is released, not a single coordinate - not a single word. I think we all deserve to know where they are taking us. Afterall, it is not a 100 USD product. With Devialet you buy a companion, hence a little involvement and frankness wouldn't hurt. They have absolutely improved and strengthened their support in many aspects - but if you ask about tomorrow, it is still completely in darkness. I don't get it.

  • Steven Segal

    Why the silence from Devialet? Because very few tech companies give a running commentary on product development, it raises expectations and only ends in disappointment. Most are very secretive. They all test at length, even then there have been epic fails, like Samsung's exploding phones and Leica doing a range of cameras with faulty sensors. The first large iMacs had faulty screens that needed to be replaced. It's a free world and if I was as frustrated as others seem to be I'd have sold by Devialet and bought something else. Fortunately mine has never missed a beat, it plays music without complaint, and whatever the OS upgrade offers, then so much the better.

    Devialet's mistake is probably not announcing that they will not make any announcements until it is ready.

  • Zoran Avramovic


    Finally a few a words of common sense from Stevensegal ! I really hope this shall put an end to useless, futile and unnecessary complains about silence on Devialet's side. Let's leave Devialet's engineers do their job and have some faith in their knowledge and their honest effort to come out with remarkable product.

  • Roland


    As such you are absolutely right if it was all about new stuff with no relation to today. Truth is, we are talking about things that are going to catch up for earlier promises, misdirections and todays shortcomings and flaws etc. In a few weeks (I hope) time I am going to send my Pro to France for the second time within the same year in order for them to - again - change a product I bought wrapped in a smart future-proof sales speach. I think we all deserve to know what view we can expect to see in the hunting scope in this respect. Afterall, It is a +10.000 USD product that so far have failed to meet some of the essential promises. Luckily it plays like a charm, otherwise it would have ended up as a shining dinner tray a long time ago. 

  • Roland


    if I pay +10000 usd for a product that fails the meet the promises, I have every right to know what can be expected. To me it is not 'useless' to ask about what comes next. Were you one of the guys that a year ago had to pay 2000 usd to avoid the so-called future-proof product to become relatively worthless? Fair If you don't care - but I do. The Air stuff have caused me severe problems, the devialet wifi setup is really bad and I could go on ... The only thing that works well for me is wired Air from my Macbook. Futile? Come again, It is absolutely has a point for me to know if I can expect my problems to be solved with the OS Board. Maybe 10000 dollars is nothing to you, but it is to me. So don't call this futile and useless. 

    I do admire the sound, no doubt, even their support now works so well - and I called them and told them so! But I have paid for something that doesn't work, I it has been like that for almost two years. All I request is an answer, that is absolutly fair in my view. 

    Can't see how an answer can delay any of the engineering activities going on, so yet again, you are not making much sense with your moralising attitude. 



  • Brian Rostron

    I would like to complain about those who are complaining about the people complaining about Devialet's communication.  It's bad enough to read constant whingeing about Devialet, only then to read about people moaning about those whingeing about Devialet, it's futile, they will just keep doing it.  Personally I fully understand that Devialet are working feverishly to perfect the new Core Intelligence board so do not have time to post an update on here once a month.  Consider, if a key member of the development team spent 10 minutes posting an update each month, that could potentially delay the new board by one hour, maybe as much as an hour and twenty minutes, and we wouldn't want that.

    Having said that, I fully agree with Stevensegal, if Devialet had decided that that there should be no communication from themselves until the product is ready, then it would indeed be much better if they simply stated this upfront.


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