[DEVIALET MANIA] Release notes - SDOS 1.3.2


[DEVIALET MANIA] Release notes - SDOS 1.3.2

On May 16, 2023, we released the firmware SDOS 1.3.2 for Devialet Mania.

This release includes the following improvements, compared to SDOS 1.2.4:

  • Fixed multiroom synchronization with other AirPlay-enabled speakers
  • Fixed Bluetooth playback not working from systems with incomplete support of multiple endpoints (such as Windows 11)
  • Fixed play button disappearing too quickly on some AirPlay sources
  • Improved audio rendering on low volume
  • Improved audio rendering on some AirPlay sources
  • Smoother play/pause transitions for music services delivered via Amazon
  • Fixed playback sometimes taking too long to start for music services delivered via Amazon
  • Adjusted the volume of Alexa sound effects
  • Improved the battery status information in certain cases
  • The "network lost" LED blinking now stops after a 30-minute timeout
  • Improved stability for music services delivered via Amazon
  • Improved stability for Alexa voice assistant
  • Improved stability for Bluetooth playback
  • Improved device discovery
  • Improved general system stability
  • Adjusted the auto-off thresholds when battery is very low
  • Other bug fixes and improvements
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