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How to configure your Devialet with firmware 6

Yaohan YANG
posted this on June 30, 2013 22:47

You can access the configurator by two different means:

  • Clic the configurator directly on home page, then choose different configurator based on your firmware version.
  • Or when you are logged in, in my maison online, go to the column my configurations, now you can either add a configuration or edit an existing one

Once you are landed on the Wizard page of configurator for 6, you can create a new configuration, edit existing ones from your SD card or from your saved configurations. If you don't need the assistance, you can go directly to the advanced mode.

The following video will guide you through the whole process for most of the features:


Some using tips:

  • If you would like to change the input name, just clic on the name then you can type.
  • In general settings, you can find the startup, power saving, display, remote and balance & tone control
  • For D-Premier and 240 you can add several ones to enable dual-mono, bi-amp, multi-room functionality. In this case the figuration files should be downloaded separately for each device. 

For information concerning the configurator for 5.7 firmware, please go to :